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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be licensed by the Commission to offer training in Nevada?

Generally speaking, if the training you offer meets the following criteria, you have to first obtain licensure from the Commission:

  • You train adults who are not your bona fide employees
  • You charge a fee or collect any monies related to the training, books or supplies
  • No other state or federal agency regulates you as a school
  • Your training leads towards employment, educational credentials, college credits, or preparation for initial licensing in a profession or vocation.


How can I find out if I need to get licensed or if I am exempt?

Obtain the Licensure Evaluation Form, complete it and return it to the Commission for evaluation.  Attaching any additional information that will help describe your training program will assist us in the evaluation.


What is the licensure process?

  • Applicant obtains, completes and submits the appropriate application and all required attachments 
  • Staff reviews the application and notifies applicants of any deficiencies
  • Application is placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting
  • Applicant meets the Commission and answers any questions they may have
  • Short term provisional license is issued once all contingencies are removed
  • Provisional review is conducted prior to expiration of the provisional license
  • Recommendation made to the Commission concerning full term licensure


Are there any deadlines?

Yes.  Applications must be submitted (delivered to the Commission) at least 60 days prior to the next scheduled Commission meeting.  Applications received later will be delayed to a subsequent meeting.  We process applications in the order received which can impact the time you have to address any deficiencies.  

Click to view the most current calendar of meetings and deadlines.


How often does the Commission meet?

Four times a year, usually the first Wednesday of February, May, August and November.  Click to view the most current calendar of meetings and deadlines.


How long will the process take?

If the application is submitted by the deadline for the next scheduled meeting and it is complete, you could receive a licensure to operate if the Commission approves it at the meeting.


The application requires information on my facility, instructors and staff, and evidence of a surety bond.  Do I have to obtain those items in order to have my application heard by the Commission?

No.  You can submit an application without including facility information, evidence of a surety bond, or hiring staff and instructors.  These are considered allowable contingencies and the Commission can approve your application without them. 


If I obtain Commission approval with contingencies, can I start operating?

No.  You have six months to clear all contingencies or the Commission approval is automatically withdrawn and you must reapply.  Once all contingencies are cleared, you will be issued your provisional license and you cannot operate, including advertising or soliciting students, until the license is issued.


We are an existing school in another state and would like to solicit students in Nevada.  Is there a process for that?

Yes.  If the school is accredited, you can apply to authorization to employ agents.  Your representative in Nevada must then apply for an agent's permit and renew it annually.





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